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In a good day for the scene, but a bad day for data analysts, Resident Advisor have announced they will no longer be running their end of year RA DJ and Live Act poll. 

The polls began in 2016, when RA invited it's staff, contributors and invited guests to vote for their favourite DJs. The subsequent article generated so much buzz, that they repeated it in 2007, before opening it up to the public in 2008.

Over time the poll grew to be probably the most respected end of year list in the industry. Part of its success was undoubtedly due to the increased commercialisation of the industry's other major poll, the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs.

As artists from techno, house, tech house and other underground genres found themselves being squeezed out of the DJ Mag Top 100 by EDM stars, they found a home in the RA Poll.

But as the popularity and importance of the poll grew, so to did it's influence within the industry - an unexpected and unwanted side-effect, as far as the people behind the poll were concerned.

The end of year lists became a kind of cheatsheet for agents and promoters, with lineup placement, bookings and even fees being affected depending on placement within the poll. This was something that had increasingly been criticised within the scene, and it seems that criticism was playing on the minds of the people at RA.

They've announced a new feature to fill their end of year coverage, but the polls are no more.

You can read Resident Advisor's statement in full here.



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