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A man in Germany has faced some tough questions from police after they had to break down his door due to excessive noise complaints from neighbours. Bizarrely the man in question was out at a nightclub during the disturbance and the culprit has been identified as Amazon's AI personal assistant, Alexa.

Writing on Amazon Germany's Facebook page, Alexa's owner, Oliver Haberstroh, said:

"While I was very relaxed in the Reeperbahn in Hamburg and enjoying a beer, Alexa managed on its own, without command and without me using my mobile phone (Spotify), to switch on at full volume and enjoy a party in my apartment."

Frustrated neighbours called the police, who proceeded to break down the door, enter the flat, and unplug the rogue device.

When Oliver returned home he found a new lock on his door and had to attend a police station to pick up his new key and an expensive locksmith bill.

Despite all the inconvenience, he seemed to see the funny side, writing:

"When I asked Alexa how we could stay together and whether she could pay me back the costs, all I got was a dry 'I couldn't find any answer to the question',"



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