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Could this be the future of DJing?

We all know that DJing can be an expensive hobby, even a basic setup can set you back well over £1,000. But there could be a solution on the horizon, as German developers, EntroPi Games have just released the world's first virtual reality vinyl mixing app, Vinyl Reality.

Apparently a number of professional DJs were consulted to make sure the DJing experience was as accurate as possible to the real thing. Players will be able to manipulate two turntables, and a two-channel mixer with the usual volume, crossfader and EQ controls.

There's a virtual record bag to flip through and you'll even be able to live stream the performance direct to your mates. Although they'll probably be more interested in a livestream of you dancing around your living room wearing a VR headset, thinking your Richie Hawtin.


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