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Metalheadz boss Goldie has collaborated with grime superstar Skepta on the title track of his new EP. The vinyl-only EP will feature four tracks and is set to release on December 22nd. Although Charlie Sloth premiered the track on his BBC Radio 1 show last night. See a preview above.

The EP will feature two versions of the collaborative track 'Upstart (Road Trip)'plus two versions of a Goldie collaborative with Fraims. 

On the Metalheadz Bandcamp, the release is described as “the cross-genre collaboration everybody’s talking about – between the don of drum‘n’bass and one of the leaders of a new generation of grime.”

“Goldie and Skepta share a birthday, an elemental connection and an impeccable taste in beats. Upstart is the blistering outcome of their studio sessions together – a fierce, futuristic alchemy of tense horrorshow melodics, street-level rhymes and bangin’ breaks.

“Upstart is for everyone who hates the fake shit, the crass commercial crapola, the fucked-up state of everything. It’s pyrotechnic protest music for the hip at heart.”

You can pre-order the release via Bandcamp, here.

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