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Daft Punk's new found love-affair with merch continues unabated, with the launch of a new Christmas line. Just days after rumours the Daft Punk store was winding down for good, the robot's surprised be releasing two new festive offerings along with rereleasing some classic merch.

The new Christmas exclusives include a pair of robot helmet baubles and a snow globe featuring Daft Punk in their "I Feel It Coming" attire and a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle featuring the artwork from D.A.F.T, the duo's often overlooked first video collection.

Among the rereleases are the penny board, classic tee, badge pack and hoodie.

All the items are available for pre-order now, with items shipping from 27th November, just in time to treat the Daft Punk fan in your life.

While this is great and everything, all we really want for Christmas is a Daft Punk tour.



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