Trance heavyweight, Armin Van Buuren, has found himself in hot water with legendary techno label, Underground Resistance.



The Detroit collective took to Facebook to attack the Dutchman for stealing their name and logo.

The dispute comes from Van Buuren's residency at new Ibiza club, Hï. The residency will be called UR and the announcement poster depicts a logo that looks strikingly similar to the "UR" design that has adorned the records and merch of the Detroit crew for 28 years.

Speaking on Facebook over the weekend, Underground Resistance wrote “Is there no shame? What happened to electronic creativity? What the fuck is it all about the money?? To ‘those who know’ MOVE TO CONDITION RED!! To those who steal culture. You have been warned. Viva La Jaguar – 040.”

Underground Resistance have long adopted a militaristic anti-establishment attitude and the last sentence of their statement probably refers to their battle with Sony in 2000 over an unauthorised cover of the Rolando track "The Knights Of The Jaguar", which was released on Underground Resistance.

UR have always been fiercely proud of their independent origins and it seems unlikely they'll take this lying down.

Armin Van Buuren has yet to comment on the issue.


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