At least six of Britain’s largest music festivals are on the cusp of following through with a pioneering scheme allowing revellers to test their drugs without fear of punishment.

Reading and Leeds and a number of other events will be introducing the scheme in conjunction with local police forces.

The scheme will allow those at the festival to take their drugs to a testing tent, where they can find out what their drugs contain before they are destroyed. It is hoped that festival-goers will use this information to make informed decisions what to do about the rest of their stash.

Last year, charity The Loop, tested the scheme at The Secret Garden Party, becoming the first event of its kind to offer people the chance to test their drugs. Around 200 individuals took advantage of the scheme with around a quarter of those people destroying their drugs once they had discovered what they had been sold.

The success of the scheme really depends on the agreement of local police and councils, however, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) are working on an agreement to make it easier for police forces across the UK to support the initiative.

A refreshing stance from the Police, prioritising health and safety over criminal justice at festivals.

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