With a musical remit that is broad and open minded, Open Up represents the wide ranging manta pushed by Simon Patterson’s radio show - paying homage to Trance, Techno, Psy and everything of an underground persuasion. Last October’s Open Up showcase played host to a frenzied crowd and open till close session from Simon and John, it’s fitting both these advocates of deviant beats return but on an individual basis. They will be joined in The Box by Gallery hero Sean Tyas and BBC Radio 1 resident Will Atkinson.

Plus After multiple occasions now playing Trance next door in room ‘103,’ feedback has been immense as to how our beloved genre is perfectly suited to this intimate space. With the DJ booth strategically positioned to enhance party proceedings plus a well stocked bar – Agnelli & Nelson are invited to take control this time around. So that’s their host of seminal anthems and remixes such as ‘El Nino’ and ‘Everyday’ amongst others to bring the noise.


Here is one choice track from each artist on Friday’s Open Up roster – looking forward to hearing all live in the club!


Simon Patterson - "Spike"

Simon Patterson: This is my current single on VII. It’s a tech meets psy peak time record that I made in the same kind of style as my single Apex and it’s been the biggest record in all my sets for the last 5 months. Last time at OU London this took the roof off - literally - so hoping we get a repeat of that this time.


Sean Tyas feat. Deirdre McLaughlin - "Supernatural"

Sean Tyas: With Supernatural, I wanted to really push the vocals into that exact feel, to give Deirdre an 'other worldly' texture, where the vocals are as haunting as they are beautiful. It wouldn’t fit the style of track if it was a bright and clean vocal, as I am pouring in loads of darker psy elements that are far more aggressive than more uplifting trance stuff. Plus - I just loved the concept of extra sound design on the vocal element, It was something I will certainly do a lot more in future productions.”


John Askew - "Raven"

John Askew: I chose this record because it's my new single and I'm a slug indulgent bellend. Oh - and it rocks. Which helps.


Will Atkinson - "Awake"

Will Atkinson: Imagine yourself out in the woods at night and you hear the howl of a pack of wolves out on the hunt. Then imagine that howl sounding off a few seconds later a little bit closer……. that’s Awake. It’s balls out trance of an underground nature designed to keep your eyes open and your senses sharp till the early hours.


Agnelli & Nelson - "Hudson Street"

Agnelli & Nelson: Because it’s one of our biggest tracks from over the years and a massive club anthem that everyone goes crazy for…


Open Up returns to The Gallery on Friday 31st March, get tickets and more info here.


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