The National Treasure left her fans gobsmacked when she spoke of 'doing Cannabis like we used to in the 60s' on her Mary Berry Everyday show. But fear not Mary Berry devotees, she wasn't really talking about getting her lips around a fat spliff! 

The 82 year old was heard talking about canapés but Twitter heard something different and her name was trending in minutes. 


“So for my golden anniversary dinner tonight, we’re going to be bringing a 60s theme to some canapés,” Mary explained to people watching at home.

She was later heard saying to her doppelgänger friend: “Right Shirley, let’s get down to it. I thought it would be a good idea to do some canapés as we used to do.

Shame, Mary Berry smoking cannabis like they used to do in 60s whilst making some canapés sounds like a blast! We still love you anyway baking queen. 

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