Konstantin is facing a backlash from the music industry after an interview with German publication Groove magazine surfaced revealing deeply offensive and sexist comments against females in the electronic music industry. 

Written in German, the interview has been translated and shared by all-female collective Discwoman, revealing several distrubing and sexist remarks throughout the interview. 

"women who seek careers in male-dominated industries like the DJ business must lose their ‘female qualities’ and become ‘manly’”

The interview shared the DJ's opinion that women are "disproportionately promoted" in the industry and he suggests that women are "usually worse at DJing than men".

Following his volatile comments, several DJs have weighed in including The Black Madonna and DJ Shiva, with The Black Madonna recalling a recent encounter with Konstantin. 

Since the reports Konstantin has been axed from London's Sunfall festival and has issued a statement saying "I feel deeply sorry about the words that have been printed. These words are not a direct quote and are in my opinion misleading. I actually learned to DJ from my friend Sarah and of course I don't think women are worse DJs than men. I completely regret what was said in that private conversation with the journalist, where she did not appreciate my bad sense of humour and my habit of taking opposite positions to challenge people, even if it sometimes goes way beyond my own opinion. What was written does not reflect my opinion nor is it at all anything other people from the label would ever say or feel. I accept the journalist's point on the boy's club. But we want women to be involved and we were always trying to involve women in our action."


Read the full interview here.

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