It's nothing new for religious institutions to reach out to the youth in order to bolster their membership, but one Buddhist priest has gone the extra mile. A town hall, church disco this is not.

Gyosen Asakura is a 49-year-old former DJ who now works as a Buddhist Priest. Twice a year he turns the Shoonji Temple in Fukui, Japan, into a techono rave celebrating the Buddhist concept of "pure land".

In Buddhist texts "pure land" is described as a beautiful world filled with amazing lights. In the days before electricity, Buddhists would decorate sculptures with gold leaf to reflect light in an attempt to recreate the atmosphere.

Asakura reckons that modern technology is even better suited to recreating the pure land, and decided to turn Shoonji into a techno temple complete with lgiht show.

The music ranges from IDM to breakbeats and is interspersed with Buddhist scripture, while a dazzling light show brings the temple to life.


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