We are well and truly in the Shazam age. In years gone by a DJ could make his name from his collection or rare edits and white labels, but that time has passed. With the advent of track ID platforms such as Shazam and the frankly ridiculous collective expertise of groups such as the Identification of Music Facebook Group, that dancefloor destroyer you've got up your sleeve won't stay hidden for long.

This week humanity reached perhaps the high-water mark in obsessive IDing, as reddit user (it's always a reddit user) stealthyd3vil has produced a playlist that compiles every single song played at EDC Las Vegas. That's every track played by every artist across three days of music.

To put into perspective just how crazy that is, one need only glance at the EDC lineup poster.



Why stealthyd3vil felt the urge to do this we'll never know. Maybe he fancies himself the world's pre-eminent EDM historian, or maybe he has Shazam ODC. Either way it's surely an impressive, if unsettling, feat of IDing.


Listen to the mammoth 200 track playlist here


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