Rift between hip-hop superstars Jay-Z and Kanye West has risen to new heights today. 

West was unhappy to uncover that pal Jay-Z has targeted him in new album, 4:44. Since then the Watch The Throne collaborators have found themselves in a legal battle over money West alleges Tidal owes him from the exclusive launch of The Life of Pablo on Carter's streaming service. 

According to TMZ, Yeezy is claiming he is owed $3million (£2.3 million) in royalties from the site after helping launch the network alongside Jay, Calvin Harris and Rihanna in 2015, bringing in a further 1.5million subscribers with the exclusive release of The Life of Pablo on Tidal. 

The Yeezy camp have now penned a letter attempting to end his agreement with the music service. However, Tidal have hit back with threats to sue West if he went to another streaming service. 

The fued hit headlines last week after Jay-Z dropped his 4:44, calling out Kanye. 

‘I know people backstab you, I feel bad too,’ Hov raps on the opening track, Kill Jay-Z.

‘But this “fuck everybody” attitude ain’t natural/ But you ain’t the same, this ain’t KumbaYe/ But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye/ You gave him 20 million without blinkin’/ He gave you 20 minutes on stage, fuck was he thinkin’?/ ‘Fuck wrong with everybody?’ is what you sayin’/ But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane.’

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