In an interview with French platform CSTAR, Justice have let slip that David Guetta may be making "really good" music under secret aliases. While Guetta made his name as one of the titans of French Touch, his later stuff has been resolutely commercial EDM and isn't the sort of music you'd image Justice would enjoy.

During the interview Justice were given a rapid fire 'this or that' segment such as 'festival or free party'. They couldn't choose between hip hop or rock, but when quizzed on David Guetta or Vitalic, Xavier de Rosnay gave an interesting answer. Originally picking Vitalic, he soon backtracks and says that "it's hard to say because Guetta makes very good music under a false name".

The claims are unsubstantiated at the moment, but if anyone would be in the know about such things, Justice would be likely candidates, having made their name on the same Parisian scene as Guetta. Who knows maybe all your favourite mystery producer was mr F*ck Me I'm Famous all along.

Who could be his mystery alias? Marshmello? DJ Deer? Burial???!?!?!


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