Revealing her new trans identity, Russom posted a photo of herself on instagram, captioning the new image with her new name; Gavin Rayna Russom. 

She reveals she has spent most of her life identifying as a woman, and had faced difficulties in life due to her gender. ‘If [members of the public] happened to be walking behind me they would read me as feminine, they would catcall me,” Russom explained to Grindr. She added: ‘Getting closer to me, they would see me as masculine and then become very angry. I was assaulted on a number of occasions.’

The news of LCD's upcoming reunion tour sparked the artist's decision to come out. Speaking on this decision, she says 'could not imagine' not being true to her identity as a woman. 

After reconnecting with trans support networks whilst taking a break from touring, Russom felt she became the 'whole person' she craved. 

‘I feel a tremendous gratitude to know there are people out there — many of whom have much less of a degree of privilege than I do — who have been fearless enough to do the work’ Russom explained.

She added: ‘The most helpful thing was talking to people with different transgender experiences, especially those with upbringings, economic circumstances and ethnic backgrounds different than my own. It allowed me to hear all these different perspectives and see the ways in which the trans experience is so varied and so individual.”

Following a seven year hiatus, LCS Soundsystem return to the studio to give us their new work 'American Dream' in September. Gavin Rayna will make her first appearance with the band on July 13th in Chicago for Pitchfork Music Festival. 


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