Drake fans have taken to the e-waves to share their opinion on the Canadian rapper's newest ink addition. The 'One Dance' creator has caused mixed reactions among fans after sharing a photo of his left tricep, now an ode to Young Money mogul Lil' Wayne. 

Drake is no stranger to tribute tattoos, with his collection including two of Sade, his grandparents and parents, Aaliyah and BBK. 

His newest inking is clearly a nod to Lil' Wayne giving Drake his big break when he signed him to Young Money in 2009. The three-time Grammy winner joined the five-time Grammy winner on his Tha Carter III Tour and they released collaborations like Ransom, I Want This Forever, and Brand New remix. 

Despite Weezy being 'beyond floored and honoured' at the homage, Drake's 37.5million followers are not quite so sure. 


Another commented: “Homie could’ve got his mom, dad, grandma.... but he gets a tattoo of a man who signed him just because of a business decision... if his first album flopped he would've dropped his a** like any other artists smh.”

A third said: “I wouldn't get my boss on my arm. Or anywhere on my body. S***** tattoos will always be s*****.”

A fourth asked simply: “Like what is wrong with you?”

Others defended the One Dance singer, with many claiming Drake wouldn’t be famous if it wasn’t for Lil Wayne.

One user posted: “All you stupid people who hating on him because he got Wayne tattooed on his arm should know Wayne is the reason y'all commenting on his photo on his Instagram profile, y'all wouldn't even who Drake is, if Wayne didn't believe in him.” 

Another wrote: “Ain’t nothing wrong with paying homage to the guy that put you in the game and changed your life. To hell with what these no lives are saying.”

Although the bromance may be strong between these two, I don't think Drake should hold out for a matching tribute... space on Lil Wayne's already heavily tatted bod is pretty limited.