Boomtown Fair and charity The Loop have joined together to offer free and anonymous drug testing at this years event. Trained drug counsellors will also be available to the 60,000 attendees. 

Last year The Loop set up at Secret Garden Party to become to the first festival to offer free, anonymous drug testing. The success of the partnership has gone on to lead a large number of festivals follow in their footsteps and offer drug testing this summer. 

Boomtown Fair has experienced tragedy in recent years with four drug-related deaths in six years. The Festival has a website page dedicated to UK drug trends and risks in an effort to combat problems with safety around drug-taking. 

Organisers said: “After the truly heartbreaking experience of too many young people dying across the country at events, night clubs and town centres, through drug related incidents, we want to have an open and honest discussion to make sure we are doing everything in our power to educate, protect and prevent similar incidents occurring at the festival, and beyond, in the future."

Boomtown Fair takes place between August 10th - 13th. 

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