The mainstage at Tomorrowland Unite in Barcelona erupted into flames on Saturday, sending attendees running. 

The fire incinerated the stage and consumed most of the large outdoor stage at Parc de Can Zam, requiring twelve fire fighting units to battle the blaze for an hour before extinguishing them just before midnight. 

The cause of the fire is still being investigated however, Tomorrowland published a statement on Facebook saying the 'stage caught fire due to technical malfunction'. 

No injuries were reported as crowds fled the scene and a calm and orderly evacuation helped to keep everyone safe. 

Footage of the incident shows one side of the stage engrossed in flames, a deluge of sparks showering the stage and audience as black smoke billowed out from the screen. 










The festival in Barcelona was one of several offshoots of a main Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. Organisers said the Barcelona event was canceled following the fire.