What did you do last night?


We all have our tales of late night hijinks and misadventure. For every amazing anecdote, there's inevitably a night where you're the butt of the joke. It's always difficult in those first few hungover seconds, rewinding through the memory to make sure you didn't do anything too bad. This column celebrates those that have taken their escapades to a national level and in the process have become our Ravers of the Week.



These Rave Kids From 1997

What were you doing in 1997? I was about the same age as these kids, but unfortunately my days were spent playing Sega Megadrive and eating Coco Pops. Much cooler than I, these kids donned their best sportswear and threw some shapes to Gabber.


Abandoned Morrisons Ravers

1500 Super Market Sweep fans descended on Houndslow's abandoned Morrisons in the early hours of 7th January. Riot Police attended after being alerted by security guards and eventually shutdown the party.


This EDM DJ Whose Fake Boobs Fell Out On Stage


Despite the title, this is a Safe For Work video. The fake boobs in question are actually cups that fall out as this unknown EDM DJ gets a bit carried away during Avicii's "Levels". Embarrassing, yes, but it could've been worse.


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