What did you do last night?


We all have our tales of late night hijinks and misadventure. For every amazing anecdote, there's inevitably a night where you're the butt of the joke. It's always difficult in those first few hungover seconds, rewinding through the memory to make sure you didn't do anything too bad. This column celebrates those that have taken their escapades to a national level and in the process have become our Ravers of the Week.


Man Caught Stealing Mirror From Swansea Club

Some photographs transcend their subject matter and become immortal representations of a change in history or the human condition. I believe the above image will be looked back on with the same reverence as The Falling Man or Raising The Flag On Iwo Jima, for this image perfectly encapsulates an emotion that resonates with everyone: being caught in the act. Brought to our attention by Thump, this photo was taken in a Swansea nightclub on New Years Eve and shows a drunk lad trying to steal a mirror. We don't know why. We don't know if he was successful. All we know is his inebriated plans where scuppered with one click of a DSLR. And forever he remains, caught in the moment and for all time, nicking something stupid because he's pissed.


Raver Who Fell Off Stage During Proposal

Some You've Been Framed level embarrassment now, as a PLURific proposal goes wrong. A romantic rave bro invites his girlfriend on stage to propose. The two lovers met at Texas's Lights All Night New Years party a few years prior and this was the perfect moment to bowl her off her feet. Whether it was the romantic gesture or a clear case of molly legs, we'll never know, but the either way the moment proved too much for Indy.


Tyne Bridge New Years Ravers

And our final ravers of the week go to the people who managed to throw a rave inside Newcastle's Tyne Bridge on New Years Eve. Northumbria Police attended the bridge on the early hours of New Years day to find hundreds of people partying inside the Grad ll Listed building. After spending 45 minutes using heavy duty sawing equipment to gain access, police broke up the party, making no arrests. Thousands of pounds of DJ equipment and a serious amount of booze was left behind.


If you, or someone you know, deserves to be Raver of the Week, tweet Matt.