Danish group AV AV AV are gearing up to release Everything Is True, their follow up EP to 2015's debut They Live. The trio made of ELOQ, Unkwon and DJ.E.D.D.E.H. have been call "the sound of the future" by Fatboy Slim and "future gospel" by Diplo. So with all this future business, we asked them to make a playlist of music which they believe is the soundtrack to the future.



Kiasmos - "Orgoned"

AV AV AV: This duo is a perfect blend of beautiful melodies and a solid groove. Kiasmos consists of Icelandic composer Òlafur Arnalds and Faroe techno act Janus Rasmussen.


Dense & Pika - "Colt"

A beautiful combination between the old-school piano loop, and a mega hard baseline. Perfect for a late night set.


Kenton Slash Demon - "Dok"

Our good friends from Denmark keep on amazing us with the most incredible releases. Every single KSD release makes us go back to the studio and re-evaluate our own stuff, and this tune is such a standout track.


Mount Kimbie - "Bells_5"

Mount Kimbie has a very special sound, that we really admire. It's always a pleasure when they guide you through their landscapes of sound.


Aquarius Heaven - "Universe"

This track has something that is just so hard to define. It keeps it fresh and intriguing - In some ways a timeless tune.


Smerz - "Because"

These Norwegian girls are getting so much well-deserved recognition for their minimal electronic productions with their sporadic, incredibly raw vocals layered throughout. This track is so amazing with its solid slow rhythm and lush vibe.


Patrice Bäumel - "Surge"

A track we always play when we eventually get together to play DJ sets. It's an amazing buildup of a sinister techno feel but at the same time a very melodic and beautiful track.


Danny Daze - "Swim"

Play this track and around 5:00 and forth you will understand why we are so in love with it!


Bicep - "Just"

The way Bicep often breaks away from the standard 4/4 groove in house/techno music is always fascinating. And with this amazing melody on top, it really is one of the best Bicep tracks out there.


AV AV AV's latest single is called "Habitat", you can listen to it here.


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