What did you do last night?


We all have our tales of late night hijinks and misadventure. For every amazing anecdote, there's inevitably a night where you're the butt of the joke. It's always difficult in those first few hungover seconds, rewinding through the memory to make sure you didn't do anything too bad. This column celebrates those that have taken their escapades to a national level and in the process have become our Ravers of the Week.


Students Had Their House Turned Into A Nightclub

Those who have spent any length of time in Liverpool will no doubt be familiar with the notorious Popworld. The club is shrine to pop (both the music and the alco variety) and is a favoured destination of students and hen parties alike. But while most Liverpudlians have had the odd night at Popworld, these students have taken it to the next level and had their living room turned into the pop-tastic club. Complete with DJ, bar, balloons and the iconic Spice Girls cutout. You can watch the transformation in full here.


Woman Who Needed Stitches In Her Ass After Slut Drop Gone Wrong

If you didn't already cringe from reading the title, get ready to, because this is brutal. Twitter user Bonnie Lee Brown posted a video this week of a slutdrop gone wrong. Bonnie is knocking out the dance moves at what looks like pre-drinks for a night out. It's all going well until she slutdrops onto a wire shoe rack. You can watch the full not-for-the-faint-hearted video here.


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