We've all been there; you've had a belting night, crammed into an uber and bombed it back to an afters. The party rages on for the first few hours, someone's on the decks, crates are cracked and tables are danced on. Then the lull hits, the conversation dwindles and the room fills up with half full cans and empty packets of baccy. 

This is make or break time, from here the night can go south very quickly. What it takes in a moment like this, is an absolute corker of a tune. One that pulls the whole room out of the swamp, puts them on their feet and gets them dancing again.

Such unicorn selections are few and far between, so we thought we'd ask seasoned pro, Nick Curly, to give us a few of his after party weapons to pull out of the bag next time we're facing the third round of "Can't Do With Out You" at 5AM.


Nick will be playing alongside Darius Syrossian, Mihalis Safras and Luca Donzelli on Saturday 11th March at Do Not Sleep.


Dritte Raum - "Hale Bopp" (Original Mix)

One that stands out for me though as a perfect after hours tune. The track is from 2002 and in my eyes is a master piece with its arpeggio loop and its endless groove.


Peace Division - "Revival"

This track speaks for itself and would be at home in any after hours playlist. When I had the chance I was so excited to land these guys on my 8Bit label for their 3 Corners EP. It's a shame they have now split up but the song itself will go and keep getting played again and again such is its class.


Mr V - "Just Dance"

One of my all time favourite tracks and one that you will catch me playing a lot. It has that sexy sophisticated vibe and it is the sort of track that brings the energy right back up in the room and re-energise the party.


Cagedbaby - "Hello There" (Radio Slave Remix)

Sometimes a vocal can be the game changer and that is exactly what this track provides. It's super emotional. The genius of Cagedbaby remixed by Matt Edwards in his Radio Slave guise is the perfect match.


Bobby Konders – "Nervous Acid"

A groovy, liquid banger that is not only psychedelic but very fun and danceable as well. It doesn't try too hard to be an epic Big Room House track (Big Room House didn't exist back then, mind you). And the track doesn't try to hard to be something that it is not. Love it!!


Nick Curly will play Do Not Sleep on 11th March, tickets and more info here.


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