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Week two of my quest to be a DJ/producer I go to the Point Blank Hoxton campus for a crash course in music theory



After getting to grips with the basics of logic X the week before, it was time to get out of the studio and into the classroom to learn music theory. Dan, our instructor, took to the white board and wrote down a series of letters.

C C# D D# E F F# G G# A B C

The letters are completely alien to me, but over the next few hours I was to crack their code and the secrets of scales, chords, progressions, intervals and modes were to unlock before me.

I think this week demonstrated one of the best aspects of attending a course at point blank. Prior to this week I didn't know the first thing about music theory, and while I'm still a long way from being the next Beethoven, By the end of the week I not only grasped the concept, but had a detailed road map of how to determine what key a melody is in, or what chords work together, or what notes are in a G major 7.



The benefits of having an expert who can not only explain the theory, but answer any questions on the spot and show you where you're going wrong cannot be overstated. Had I have been dabbling in production on my own, I'd be on YouTube tutorials, looking at plugins and sample packs, but I know I'd have never dedicated time to sitting down and learning music theory. 

And really it's this knowledge of the workings of music and how to create harmonies that's going to set your music out above the rest.


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