The time is nearly here for The Gallery to give thanks for your love over this previous twelve months. Tis’ the season of giving after all, where we traditionally save our biggest line-up for this festive Xmas party and final show of 2017. So countless Christmas beverages will be consumed and hours on the ‘Trance floor’ will culminate with one special soiree, where The Gallery faithful unite to reminisce about the good times gone by.

Ahead of Friday 15th December, we've got Cosmic Gate and Ferry Corsten to recall how their paths first crossed and to pick a favourite from each other sure to be showcased on the night.

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and remember the good tidings we bring - dancing to excess is very much encouraged. x


Ferry Corsten On Meeting Cosmic Gate

"I'm not sure what was officially the first time we met, but the first thing that comes to mind is that they requested to remix my track "Punk". They heard it, I believe, at Glow in Washington via our mutual friend Pete Moutso - the resident DJ there. Apparently they went nuts over it and asked what it was. Pete mentioned it was mine and gave them my contact information, and the rest is history."


Ferry’s Favourite Cosmic Gate Track 

Ferry Corsten: My favourite track of theirs has to be “Crushed.” Played it in a lot of my sets when it was released, and still play it in my car from time to time especially for my son who absolutely loves it too!”


Cosmic Gate On Meeting Ferry

“We knew Ferry and his projects like ‘Moonman’ and ‘Gouryella’ basically since the mid 90s, so we both were big fans of his sound already before Cosmic Gate started. The first real contact happened when Ferry and his management asked us to remix "Punk" in late 2001. The funny thing is that we got our hands on a white label of Punk somehow very early, and simply fell in love with this tune. Then a few days later the phone rings and we get asked to do this remix. Ever since we have been good friends and shared countless stages, backstage areas and good laughs all around the globe! We are super looking forward to playing together at The Gallery for the first time and it seems like perfect timing right before Xmas!”


Cosmic Gate’s Favourite Ferry Corsten Track

Cosmic Gate: "This is a very tough one. After quite some thinking we pick “Made of Love” featuring Betsy Larkin. We do remember playing it in Miami for the final night of the week, wrapping up the Winter Music Conference in 2010. When we played it, the whole crowd including ourselves were just singing along - people were hugging and holding their hands up together up in the air. A lot of feelings creating a very special moment and “Made of Love” was the soundtrack for it - so thanks Ferry and Betsy!"


Cosmic Gate and Ferry Corsten at The Gallery’s Xmas party and 2017 finale, on 15/12/17, ticket and info here.