This week at Ministry HQ we've been all about the Balearic, as we get ready to host two verified legends this coming Saturday. Alfredo and Leo Mas are two of the originators of what we now know as balearic, so we've been picking their brains about what it is about the scene that's captivated so many.

Earlier in the week we got them to detail just what exactly the term means, and what the music means to them and to mark the final day before they take to The Box for an exclusive B2B, we got them to pick some of their favourite balearic records, have a listen at their choices below.


Leo's Picks

A Split Second - "Flesh"


Phuture - "Acid Tracks"


Mory Kante - "YeKe YeKe"


Yello - "The Race"


Alfredo's Picks

Elkin and Nelson - "Jíbaro"


Prince - "When Doves Cry"


Joe Smooth - "Promised Land"


The Thrashing Doves - "Jesus On The Payroll"


Alfredo and Leo Mas will go B2b at veryverywrongindeed on Sat 12th august, tickets here.


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