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Everyone's favourite tribute act, Daft As Punk, are working on their biggest show to date. 

The Irish duo are fabricating a full-size replica of the iconic pyramid from Daft Punk's legendary, Grammy-winning, Alive 2007 tour. After an incredible seven years of impersonating the robots, their biggest show yet will take place on 20th October at The Button Factory in Dublin.

The lovable duo have stated that the show "is costing us an arm and a fuckin' leg, but it is going to be a legendary gig your years to come." With scant news of the oft rumoured Alive 2017 tour emerging over the summer, this is likely the closest you'll get to experiencing the robots live any time soon.

You can find out more about the Daft As Punk guys in our short film about them below.



Get tickets for Daft As Punk Pyramid show here



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