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In an unusual turn of events, Suggs from Madness has revealed that a member of his band once locked Calvin Harris in a festival toilet. The incident occurred after the Scottish EDM star refused to sign an autograph.

The autograph in question was for Madness' sax player, Lee Thompson's daughter. Calvin refused to sign and so Lee "put a scaffolding pole against the toilet."

The story emerged during an interview with Suggs at this weekend's V Festival in Essex. Despite recalling the incident voluntarily, Suggs was quick to point out he didn't approve of Thompson's actions, " I would never condone that sort of behaviour, I think it's really out of order."

Oddly, this isn't the first time Calvin Harris has suffered festival-toilet revenge from disgruntled musicians. Reverend And The Makers tipped a pot-a-loo upside down while Calvin was inside after an altercation at Bingley Festival.



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