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Recently announcing a global tour, the Irish duo have a huge buzz around them in the run up to the release of their self-titled debut album due out on September 1st via Ninja Tune. 

The masters of energising dance floors and combining house, techno, electro and disco into expert dance fuelled cuts have become a regular fixture on the international circuit. Their first album is described as "loose, raw and energetic enough for the dancefloor, yet refined, artfully composed and contemplative enough for home listening."

Their latest, airy single 'Vale' features rare atmospheric vocals sung by an anonymous friend. The duo have previously teased fans with releases of Aura and Glue, featured on the new album.

Speaking to Fader on their debut Bicep explained "We drew influence from a broad range of sources like R&B, new age, jungle, and electro. Having historically used vocal samples, working with a few vocalists on the album brought new challenges to the recording process which added to the learning curve of the process as a whole."

Listen to 'VALE' below. 


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