With the influential ‘Balance’ compilations previously crafted by such luminaries as Danny Howells, Henry Saiz and Guy J, Hernan affirms his place amongst the pantheon of ‘Progressive’ artists – with his second iteration in the defining series.


Showcasing a roster represented by Hernan’s own ‘Sudbeat’ imprint and comprising entirely of exclusive and unreleased material, it’s this ethos to continually unearth cutting edge sounds on which the label is famed.

Such is the magnitude of this release on Balance Music, Hernan has invited good pal and fellow cohort NICK WARREN to share the stage and enhance the celebratory atmosphere. Last going B2B at Ministry of Sound in 2011, a strong friendship outside the booth means a faithful partnership whereby both will exert each other breach the norm. Merging the intricate and layered soundscapes of Hernan with Nick’s own take on this classier end of the electronic music spectrum.

To celebrate Fridays reunion in The Box, here Nick and Hernan fondly recall how their paths first crossed – plus a favourite from each other sure to be showcased on the night.



I met Nick when he went to play in Buenos Aires for the first time at Pacha. But of course at that time he was already a world class DJ - and I was a big fan of him and Way Out West.  His Global Underground and ‘Back To Mine’ albums were legendary and he´s always been An inspiration. Since then we have been doing many unforgettable shows together all over the world. He is an amazing DJ, top partner and a dear friend – my choice of his is:





If my memory serves me right, the first time I met Hernan was at Cream in Liverpool in the 90's. I also remember him playing at Pacha in Buenos Aires back then - and he remains my favourite DJ, always super professional, great taste in music and the nicest guy I have known in the business. His new Balance Album is just sublime, but here is a long time classic of mine:



To celebrate his new Sudbeat compilation on Balance Music, Hernan goes B2B with Nick Warren this Friday - April 21st, get your tickets here.