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Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Commercial Ripped Off The Chemical Brothers

By now you should have heard about Kendall Jenner's "tone deaf" Pepsi ad. It gained notoriety at the end of last week for trying to use the current wave of anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter protests to sell fizzy drinks. Over the weekend it emerged that the ad wasn't even an original concept, as The Chemical Brothers' 1999 video for "Out Of Control" depicted the exact same story. Of course theirs was intended as a warning, rather than an endorsement. You can watch the video for yourself below.


LCD Soundsystem Performed Three New Songs In New York

LCD Soundsytem have debuted their first new material since 2015's "Christmas Will Break Your Heart". Their fourth studio album is due later this year, but so far we've yet to hear even a snippet of a track. On Friday night the band played at a Brooklyn venue and played three brand new tracks. Unfortunately no footage or audio is available from the performance as the band had placed posters around the venue asking fans to keep their phones in their pockets.


Gorillaz Have A TV Show In The Works

The Gorillaz have been one busy cartoon band recently. Aside from recording their fifth studio album, throwing secret gigs, and organising their own festival, they've also been working on a new 10 part animated series to launch later this year. So far details are scare, but we can assume the story will follow the band on their many adventures and feature a great soundtrack.


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