Sam Feldt is gearing up for the Dolby Atmos experience



One of our favourite People From Ibiza, Sam Feldt has been busy working with the team at Dolby to prepare for what's sure to be a once in a lifetime performance. Sam will be DJing on our Dolby Atmos system, bringing hits like "Show Me Love" and "Open Your Eyes" to life for Ministry of Sound fans. It's promising to be a performance unlike any other.



Our partnership with Dolby Atmos is set to revolutionise the way you experience music in the clubbing environment. We're teaming up with the San Francisco based audio experts to bring the revolutionary sound engineering that's become the Hollywood benchmark onto the dancefloor.

In cinemas, the Atmos system creates a three-dimensional audio field in the theatre, then locates the various aural elements of a film at various points along the grid. For the listener, this means that sound can appear anywhere along the left-to-right and front-to-back axes, and also at different heights within the audio field. 

This technology allows creative sound designers to place the overwhelming thrust of a helicopter propeller or the first rumblings of an oncoming avalanche actually above the viewer, further immersing them in a perceived physical reality that reinforces the one shown on screen.

And it's this multidimensional soundscape that we'll be bringing to clubber on our dancefloor at specially curated events throughout the year. This is a truly unique experience to immerse yourself within the sound of the biggest club records from an enviable lineup of the world's best DJs.

On a Dolby Atmos night, The Box will be kitted out with an additional 22 speakers, bringing the total to over 60. The room will benefit from a "bespoke lighting environment" that will have been especially synchronised with the set you're about to hear.

We invited some club music aficionados down to come and test out the system before it opens to public, and the feedback given was entirely positive.

The Sun newspaper has called Dolby Atmos "a game changer for the club experience".



Sam will be joined by Kungs, Watermat and Autograf on Saturday, get your tickets here.