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The Gallery is gearing up for it's 22nd birthday


This Friday The Gallery will see in it's 22nd birthday, and what better way to do so than with two headliners. ATB and Cosmic Gate have been two of the most long running artists to grace the Gallery decks.

To get everyone involved suitably pumped, we've asked each artist to pick their favourite tracks from the other artist's back catalogue.


Cosmic Gate's Pick:


ATB Ft. Jennifer Karr - "Justify" (Adam Nickey Remix)

Cosmic Gate: “Classy trance tune from ATB. Loving especially the vocal here.”


ATB - "Let U Go" (Club Mix)

"A true classic! When this was released in 2001, this track was absolutely outstanding. Every DJ was talking about it and supporting it – and still sounds fresh today"


ATB - 9PM (Club Mix)

"Of course a milestone in the dance scene. Is there anybody who doesn’t know this guitar melody!?"


ATB's Picks:


Cosmic Gate  - "am2pm"

ATB: “The perfect mix of an amazing melody and an unbelievable energetic drop. Fantastic tune.”


Cosmic Gate - "Exploration Of Space" (Cosmic Gate's Third Contact Remix)

“It's really hard to create a new version of your own classic tune and make it even better. Amazing job and a sure shot on every dance floor.”


Cosmic Gate & Emma Hewitt - "Be Your Sound" (Extended version)

A track which I loved to play back in 2011. Classic tune which is still in my record box.


ATB and Cosmic Gate will play The Gallery's 22nd Birthday on 7th April tickets here


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