Harvey is going on a tour of Europe's best nightclubs


We've already announced DJ Harvey's residency at Ministry of Sound (which kicks off this Saturday), but now we can reveal that it's part of a larger whole. It seems Harvey has been yearning for proper DJ booths and big club systems as he's booked in residencies at three of Europes most celebrated nightclubs.

We'll be the home of his UK led, while Berghain will host the German section and Concrete will do the honours for France.

Talking to RA, Harvey said:

"Something that I've learned to do over the last ten years is to play at festivals, but it's a very different dynamic, you lower the common denominator as the size of the crowd grows… it's quite difficult to play disco music to a crowd that's up to their knees in mud," Bassett says. "I honed my trade in nightclubs and warehouses and in many respects, it's where my heart lies and where I feel like I function best.

In many respects, it's scratching the surface, but all these places have good soundsystems and they'll allow me to express myself in the right way. I basically said to myself, if it doesn't have a DJ booth, I'm not going to play there this year.

If I'm enjoying myself and, more importantly, if the crowd's enjoying itself, it goes on and on," Bassett says about his extended sessions. "All the sets I'll be playing are between six and eight hours... beyond eight hours you're getting into extreme DJing, but if the energy is flowing in the room, if I'm getting positive vibes back from the people supplying me with the cosmic energy to carry on, there's no reason why I couldn't DJ for days on end." 

Sounds like Saturday might get out of hand then!


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