We're sad to report that Amanda Moss, a cofounder of South London's Corsica Studios, passed away this week


Amanda had been battling a rare form of ovarian cancer and had been raising money to undergo a new treatment. Amanda's family posted the below comment  on Tuesday of this week


"To All of Amanda's friends

It is with great sadness that I have to let you know that Amanda's health deteriorated rapidly over the weekend and at 8.30 pm yesterday evening she passed away peacefully.

Amanda's family and I would like you all to know how much we appreciate the numerous messages of support, donations and fundraising activities that have been offered over the last few months as they really gave her a chance to try the treatments she needed and to face this illness on her own terms. She was incredibly brave but unfortunately some battles are too big and, despite her determination, positivity and will to succeed, this was one that she just couldn't win.

Amanda was courageous, dignified and beautiful to the end and wanted everyone to know how much your support and generosity meant to her during her illness. She felt very loved by you all and it goes without saying that she will be greatly missed."

- Adrian, Darren, Yvonne and the family


More than 1500 people had donated to the fund, which had raised £52,000. Fabric had donated their Room 2 soundsystem to the cause, which was auctioned off on Ebay for over £11,000. 

As one of the founders of Corsica Studios, she was influential in building the Elephant & Castle venue into one of London's best clubs. Aside from playing host to artists as diverse as Tom York and and Bjork, Corsica also served as an art space, where Goldsmith and University of the Arts London studios can display their work.


You can donate to Amanda's GoFundMe Page here