Oizo's left field sense of humour made for one of the more interesting Ask Me Anythings we've ever seen



Last week saw the release of French legend Mr Oizo's sixth studio album, All Wet. To celebrate, the DJ, producer and filmmaker took to reddit for a ridiculous Ask Me Anything. Oizo, real name Quentin Dupieux, is known as a bit of a prankster with a left field sense of humour and his answers were suitably off the wall.

You can read the full AMA here, but these are the best things we 'learnt' from the AMA.


His Top Five Films

In no order, are Raising Arizona, Buffet Froid, Le Charme Discret de la Bourgeoise, Duel and Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the original one of course).


We Have Kavinsky To Thank For The Oizo Name

My old friend VINCO (known now as Kavinsky) used to call me mr. oiseau, because he said i looked like a crow (big nose i think). i just kept the name for no reason, it was my nickname,


He's A Fan Of EDM

A fan asked what he thought was the most exciting thin happening in music and he gave a rather surpirsing response; "to me, EDM is the most interesting thing right now, sorry purists. of course 97% of it is horrible and annoying and useless, but the good 3% are just really good. Sophie is amazing too. and myself ahaha".



He Has A Lot Of Dream Collaborators

Many of the questions focused on who he'd like to collaborate with, in typical Quentin fashion he gave a different answer each time he was asked, but the list of dream collaborators included: Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Yung Thug and "Herbie Hancock 30 years ago".


The Collab With Siriusmo Was A Long Time Coming

"i tried many times to make a tune with sir Siriusmo, but we got lost every time ! it's hard to work with someone else, especially when you're always working alone on a computer."


His Top Tip For Getting A Flat Eric Of Your Own



However, A Collab With Justice Seems To Be Off The Cards

Asked if he will ever fully collaborate with the Justice lads, Quentin replied: "I tried many times but Xavier is a bitch, he works for cash only"



And As For The Rest Of Ed Banger...

"collaborating with the label mates is like having sex with a cousin. i'd love to make more music with Gaspard, yes, i can't with Breakbot, he never showers."


He "Doesn't Know" What The Essential Mix Is

When one fan asked what his favourite Essential Mix was. The response from Oizo was a pointed "don't know what you're talking about sorry". We're sure this is just Quentin playing around as usual, but it might also be him pointing out that it's a little ridiculous he still hasn't been asked to turn one in.


And Finally... He Reckons 2ManyDJs' Dewaele Brothers Are Lesbians

...you heard it here first!


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