Steve Aoki is not known for subtlety, but his house is even more crazy than expected


Remember Dan Bilzerian? People were talking about him back in 2014 when he became (in)famous for being king of the bros on Instagram. Well during his brief moments of crossover fame, Dan managed to amass a tonne of celebrity bromances, including Dim Mak boss, Steve Aoki.

Steve and Dan have been hanging out this week, and while we wouldn't normally feel the need to draw attention to this, it caught our eye as some of Dan's posts have given us a rare insight into Steve's predictably bananas home.

The bulk of the videos were taken in Steve's gym / playroom (yes, these people are children), which features a diving platform, Steve Aoki branded trampolines and huge ball pit.

Perhaps most impressively the room also features a huge mural by graffiti artist, Neckface. The mural consists of Neckface's classic devil, with the words 'Aoki's Playhouse' underneath.

After everyone's done having a bounce around, we get a brief look at Aoki's entertainment room which features a setup that looks like it was nicked from the USS Enterprise.




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