Barclay Crenshaw is many things to many people. To some he's the head of Dirty Bird Records, the US house label that has released everyone from Eats Everything to Catz 'n Dogz. To others he's one of America's most prominent DJs and an accomplished producer in his own right. To others he's a camp counselor and cookout king who's taken the US tradition of Summer Camps and merged it with forward thinking, credible dance music. And to add another string to his bow, he's now also known as Barclay Crenshaw, hip hop and future beats producer, with an album on the way.

Currently in the middle of a European tour, we caught up with Mr VonStroke a few hours before he was to take to the stage and screen, for DJ Mag's ADE Sessions live-streamed from Nova in Amsterdam where he played an absolute blinder.


Claude comes in around 01h44


MoS: Hi Claude, where's your favourite place to hangout in Amsterdam?

Claude VonStroke: No not really I haven't been there enough times during the day to establish a favourite hangout yet. I've still not even ever been to a weed smoking cafe! Need to get it together.


You’ll be appearing on DJ Mag’s livestream, how do you feel about being broadcast? Does it add any extra pressure? Does it take longer to pick out an outfit?

My outfits are like the same thing every time - so uncreative! Its all because I take hand luggage only even on 3 week trips!  As far as the live stream sometimes I find it can make me play a little bit tight so I like to show up a bit before I start and chat it up with everyone and get comfy. Then I can jiggle my butt around and play a bit looser, more fun like I really play.


You’re coming to the UK on Saturday, is there any aspect of British culture that you still don’t get?

Waiting in lines without questioning anything. See a line - start waiting in it. Thats crazy!


And is there any aspect of British culture you wish you could take back to America?

Ploughman’s cheese sandwich. I love the pickled bit and the aged cheese and the whole thing. We don’t have this at all. Great sandwich.


Do you have a favourite British phrase or saying?

Anything that ends with “Init.”



You’ve just released the first track under your real name, Barclay Crenshaw, what’s the inspiration behind this project?

I always loved hip-hop so I'm spreading my wings a little bit, exploring a new sound. Of course VonStroke is still the main project but this is something just for me.


Will there be more from Barclay Crenshaw to come?

Yes, full album this January!


If Barclay and Claude were separate people, what would each have in their tinder bio?

They wouldn’t be on it because they are both married to the smart, beautiful Aundy Crenshaw!


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