Ahead of his appearance at Glitterbox on Saturday 7th May, we got Aeroplane to run us through his favourite disco hits


The Bee-Gees - "You Should Be Dancing" (Special Disco Mix)

Aeroplane: An all-time disco anthem. Yes it’s obvious. Yes it’s a hit. But come on… This Special Disco Mix has a killer middle section. Instead of reading this, you should probably be dancing.


Inner City Jam - "What I Did For Love"

I discovered this with a re-edit that came out on Moxie in 2003, that took out all the string sections and most of the vocals out. But the original 12” version is just amazing in it’s entirety.


Giorgio Moroder - "I Wanna Rock You"

Although this came out in 1979 it still sounds like it’s from the future to me. Giorgio at his best.


Lee McDonald - "I’ll Do Anything For You" (Patchworks Remix)

This has been a regular last record for me. The vocal has that “unity” feel to it. The original is great but this Patchworks Remix (Btw who is Patchworks?!) adds a modern production touch to it but retains the original vibe perfectly.


Gwen Guthrie - "It Should Have Been You" (12” Mix)

Everything I love is in there. It’s sort of disco, sort of funk, produced by Sly & Robbie and mixed by Larry Levan. Then Gwen’s great vocal just seals the deal. Also just realised it’s on the Glitterbox Compilation. I guess it’s on point then!


THP Orchestra - "Dancing Is Alright"

Found this track randomly on an album in a record store. It’s the BPM I like for disco, it’s rather slow. I tried to re-edit it several times but I just like it the way it is I think, although the loop is there screaming to be sampled. Be right back, going to go try again.


Ashford & Simpson - "Found a Cure"

Amazing song that I found only recently. I didn’t get the time to re-edit the original yet, so I’m playing a remix by Deelicious that adds a (very) big kick drum and that should be easier to fit in a set.


The Time - "Get It Up"

This is more in the funk territory. The Time were one of Prince’s protégés. Jimmy Jam on keyboards, Terry Lewis on bass and Morris Day on vocals. This is one of my favourite records.


MFSB - "Mysteries Of The World"

This one is a bit more “nerdy” I would say. MFSB was the band behind TSOP - The Sound Of Philadelphia made popular by Gamble & Huff. This has no vocals, just a beautifully executed jazz/funk/disco instrumental by one of the best bands that ever was.


Lyn Collins - "Rock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again"

Yes, that’s actually the title. Although this is a James Brown production from 1974 it 100% qualifies as a disco record. Four on the floor kick drum and all. I have played this maybe 100 times and always drives people crazy.


Aeroplane will be joining Basement Jaxx and The Shapeshifters at Glitterbox on 7th May, tickets here.