Now you can experience the fear and humiliation of being denied entry to Berghain without even leaving the house


Ever wanted to try your luck with the Berghain bouncers, but can't be bothered with the whole donning black and flying to Berlin thing? Well a new website, Berghaintrainer utilises face and voice recognition technology to recreate the stress of the Berghain bouncers in your bedroom.


After giving Berghaintrainer access to your microphone and webcam, the site takes a video of your face as you answer questions designed so the program can analyse your body language. 

It'll then take you through the scenario of approaching the notorious head bouncer, Sven Marquardt, who will grill you with realistic questions such as "have you been here before?" "Do you know who's playing tonight?" and the crucial, "are you drunk?"

As you answer the questions the website will use your body language and specially programmed algorithms to decided whether or not you;d gain entry. It's unclear if Sven had any input in the selection criteria, but one would assume he must've at least given the website a sharp nod of approval.

With Berghain's ever increasing popularity, queues getting longer and Berlin accommodation becoming less affordable after a city-wide Air BnB ban, this website could be a valuable money saver, or it could lead you into a false sense of security.


Try your luck with Sven here


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