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The world famous wasteman is coming to a club night near you


While the celebrity DJ is no new concept - Paris Hilton is now in her fourth year at Amnesia - the fictional character DJ remains relatively untrodden ground. So far the closest we've come are the Kurupt FM lads and Kristian Nairn's Rave of Thrones tour.

That is until yesterday, when Matt King announced that one of the Nation's most beloved wastemen was dusting off the decks. Yes, Peep Show favourite Super Hans, is going on a summer tour.

Promising 'choonz & jokes' he later when on to clarify that "Superhans DJing is Legit. Doing it with the geniuses TOYDRUM. They used to be in Unkle. Banging choonz, jokes, general fuckin' chaos'.

As yet, we don't know what choonz he'll be reaching for, but we can make a few educated guesses, based off some of the character's musical musings on peep show.


The Big Beat Manifesto

The Big Beat Manifesto is the mantra of The Hair Blair Bunch - just one of the bands Super Hans formed with Jeremy over the shows nine series run.


A Powerful Sense Of Dread

The longer the note, the more dread.


No Suits, No Lighthouse Family

Because the music industry's all a bunch of Marks, sitting behind their big marble desks, ties done up to eleven, clicking their hands to the fucking Lighthouse Family.


And Definitely No Coldplay

Because people like Coldplay and you can't trust people.


There's A High Probability Of Snakes

Just remember: "red against black, jump the fuck back. Red against yellow, nice and mellow".


It Has The Potential To Get A Bit Dark

"We are gonna have parties in this place that go beyond fun and actually get really, really nasty."


But It's Guaranteed To Get Lit



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