It's summertime all the time when Viceroy's on the decks




San Francisco based DJ/producer, Viceroy, is one smooth customer. He first came to our attention via his 'Jet Life' remix series, which sees him adding a poolside flavour to stone-cold classics like "It Wasn't Me" and "Ride Wit Me".

So as March slides into April and we're gearing up for a four day weekend of - please, God - sunshine, we thought he'd be THE man to get in for a SoundOf mix. He's put together an absolute banger, he describes it in his own word below:


"Mixtapes these days generally consist of the newest or hottest tracks that a DJ plays out at that current time. I wanted to do something special when Ministry of Sound approached me to do a SoundOf mix for them.

I took a time machine to right before I started Viceroy. This mix plays on my heartstrings and is cornerstone of my roots. I wanted to showcase what songs inspired Viceroy.

So enjoy this sweet blend of jams and... summertime all the time baby!" - Viceroy


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