We’ve all seen bad tattoos before, but some of these are simply upsetting


Tattoos: infamous for leading to massive amounts of regret when ill-advisedly inked as a teenager. We’ve heard the horror stories; some of us are the horror stories. Towns like Magaluf and Zante must make a killing tattooing things like ‘House Every Weekend’ or ‘#LADS’ on hordes of pissed up 17-year-olds each summer.

However, sometimes fandom can make us do regrettable things. There are the football team tattoos, and the tattoos marking where you’re from; but a tattoo of your favourite DJ? That’s always going to be a risky one. So, without further ado, behold some of the worst dance music-related tattoos around.


1. Don’t Wake Me Up

Who wakes up one day and thinks “I’m going to get the entire lyrics to an Avicii song tattooed on my side today?” This guy.


2. Oh no! Oh no!

Everybody loves Carl Cox. Everybody respects Carl Cox for what he’s achieved as a DJ. Nobody should really want to get his face tattooed on their thigh tho. That’s a bit weird.


3. Make Love (Strange, strange love)

Two naked female daft punk robots as a tenuous visual metaphor for the song ‘Make Love.’ Right.


4. Skrillkademau5habpunkwellellosso

 This super fan’s arms now look like a terribly designed flyer for an EDM festival.


5. How you doin’?

This tattoo artist has managed to make Skrillex look like the creepy guy on the other side of the bar preying on drunk girls at 3am. This is not a good look on the entirety of a man’s thigh. 


6. The essay

 Another person who should probably have picked their favourite line in the song, as opposed to the entire fucking thing.


7. The good try

I guess this lyric has a nice sentiment at least, but I think there’s a pattern emerging in people way overcommitting and dedicating too much skin to a song they like.


8. The Tolkein fan

Is… Is that Gollum DJing?



This tattoo doesn’t look too awful technically, but surely people should have more foresight than to get what is certainly a passing fad in ‘PLUR’ tattooed on them forever?


10. TECHNICally lame

What’s that? Technics are your pulse? I don’t get it. (PS. If this is this guy’s actual heart rate, that’s fucking crazy)




Ummmm… This one confuses me too. The speech bubble saying ‘Yes’, who’s saying that? And is that a dream gig? I can imagine Daft Punk b2b Skrillex would be pretty hectic.



(See number 9)


13. The Canvas

(See number 4)

(See number 4)


14. Tiesto

 Wow. This is a bad idea executed badly. It looks like it’s been drawn on with felt tips. We can only hope it actually has.


15. Techno

I wonder what genre of music is this girl’s favourite.


16. The mess

And in leaving the best (worst) ‘til last… What is this utter monstrosity? 

 And in leaving the best (worst) ‘til last… What is this utter monstrosity? 


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