With the news of Idris Elba's new track being a certified flame emoji, we got to thinking about the endeavours of other full-time celebrity, part-time DJs


Are all of them as successful as the man more commonly known as Driis? Many believe musical talent is a birth rite, and as proven by Paris Hilton, DJing is all too often the easiest platform for talent to 'express' itself.


We've ranked a few of our favourites. 


Kristian Nairn

Hodor’s surprise axing from Game of Thrones has led to a 6”11 sized hole in the show. Kristian Nairn has made sure to bring the Game of Thrones name with him into the afterlife, or rather, is using ‘Rave of Thrones’ as a touring name for his DJ concept. A previous resident DJ at Kremlin, a premiere gay club in Ireland, Nairn’s proved his worth outside of acting, releasing music that we’ve had the pleasure of having exclusive first plays on. He’s played around the world, with his schedule looking particularly packed this fresher’s season.

8/10 for consistency and dedication as a DJ outside of the main discipline.



Ruby Rose

Orange Is The New Black’s Ruby Rose has come up against it for her DJ’ing. As a woman, it’s indisputable that she’s open to more online abuse than any famous man would get. It’s something she’s picked up on before on Instagram and Facebook, to much support. However it’s hard to find videos of her behind the decks without a barrier to prevent you from seeing what she’s actually doing - coincidence? Her feed has been a recent string of cancellation apologies too - acting takes a precedence.

3/10 for lack of consistency.


Super Hans


It caused much debate when it was announced that Peep Show’s craggy schemester, Super Hans, was to launch a DJ career. The announcement came via actor Matt King’s Twitter in March, though no dates were booked in. In classic Super Hans fashion, a booking came in the form of Glastonbury, sandwiched in between Jarvis Cocker and Bugged Out!’s Lemmy Ashton. A Super Hans filling to spice up a Saturday night, the set (according to Twitter) went down a storm. Girls on roller skates, Brit pop classics and a man with an ominous maraca, let Super Hans’s Big Beat manifesto play on.

6/10 for a one show exceptional performance. More of the same please.



Elijah Wood



Elijah Wood’s DJ duo is the best and worst kind of musical hook up. Started up with a friend (who also happens to be an influential mover and shaker on the West Coast), they call themselves Wooden Wisdom and play only vinyl, because according to Wood “it’s aesthetically beautiful, it’s tactile, and there’s something lovely about the format”. Charming, Frodo, but nevertheless incredibly pretentious. A low key labour of love by two music aficionados, whose jobs pay them well enough to tour their wanky-but-probably-decent side project.


5/10 Minus points for the shit name, plus points for the nonchalance.


Idris Elba

Big Driis. Stringer Bell, Luther, the next true Bond. Idris Elba’s not been shy about his musical talents and why should he be, seeing as pre fame he worked as a wedding DJ before starting up his own business. His credits include co production on a Jay Z record and rapping over Skepta’s "Shutdown". He’s performed at Glastonbury, Creamfields and Ibiza and has since released a new track that’s got Pete Tong’s seal of approval.

10/10 you’ve got big backing and the credential to prove it, come play Ministry any time you like.