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Lucky for us, the patrons of the online magazine will be taking over the 103 this Saturday as we help launch brand new festival Odyssia. DJs Kyle Hall, Culoe De Song, Anna K and Ally Tropical will be playing under the Ransom Note banner as Francois K steps up for a 6 hour set in The Box.

Ahead of the party, members of the site's editorial team have come forward with some of their most played. 


The Human League - "I Believe In Love"

The band I grew up listening to in my dads car when we’d make those long journeys to visit relatives and just generally around the house when I was young, I guess they were a gateway to alot of the music I listen to now. - Matt


DJ Rashad - "Let It Go"

Remarkably only three years old, this shimmering, futuristic sliver splits the difference between footwork and jungle. Yearning string pads, throbbing bass and whiplash drums - "Let It Go" is so light yet so kinetic, with a soft emotional core courtesy of that gorgeous, melancholic cut-up R&B vocal that echoes around the skeletal track. That the dialogue between Chicago and the UK has the capacity to produce such stunning moments as this is something to always be thankful for. RIP Rashad. - Cosmo


Visual - "The Music Got Me"

I just really, really like this record and I really, really wish someone would re-release it with a remix at some point. If that happens you should definitely buy it. - Kieran


Mobb Deep - "Survival Of The Fittest"

The East Coast hardcore duo are my guilty pleasure, with sick beats from Havoc and poetic social commentary from Prodigy, plus enough violence, misogyny and homophobia to rattle my liberal middle-class sensibilities. Great alternative to Radio 4. - Malcom


Theo Parrish - "Solitary Flight"

It’s hard to think of many who could be called a pioneer, of those who have walked the line and stayed true to course. Theo Parrish has been producing timeless house records for a long, long time, and as a DJ is an incredible inspiration. His selections remain honest, well researched and profound. How someone can make a ten minute track based around one loop is beyond me? Pure genius. - Alasdair


Aphex Twin - "Heliosphan"

The only reason I like music. If it wasn’t for this record I would still have a floppy fringe and be listening to Ride: but… this is where it all began to make sense for me. - Wil 


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You can get tickets for the Odyssia opening party right here.