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It's only been around for five minutes and it's already wasting a lot of our time


Q: What do you get when you take vapourwave, cut it to old Simpsons footage, add in some effects - both visual and audio - and stick it up on YouTube?

A: Simponswave


What the hell is Simpsonwave? Well as Know Your Meme explains, it's not really it's own music genre, as most of the music used already exists, but by cutting it up to classic Simpsons footage, adding the trippy visuals and keeping some of the cartoon dialog, the makers have - intentionally or not - made something undeniably poignant.

With titles such as B A R T S A D, S u m m e r l o v e 1994 and W I L L I E S D E A T H, both the nostalgia and emotional qualities of the music (videos?) are put front and centre and it's easy to the potential for Simpsonwave to take off, if only on the Internet.

All in all it's pretty hard to describe, and nobody's quite sure if it qualifies as A Thing yet, but I just spent a good hour getting lost in these videos and I'm going back for more, so it must be something, right?










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