Diplo's third Billboard cover has been revealed and with it comes some pretty big talk


Discussing his collaborations, his businesses and the future of his music, here's ten new things we learnt about the original white dude be everywhere.


1) He’s Got Shares In Tesla and Snapchat

Diplo's an early adopter whose interest in financial territories like electric cars and social media has meant that if this music shit fails, he’s probably not going to have to start tucking into his savings anytime soon.


2) Bernie Sanders Is His Only Political Motivation

Past Snapchat and world domination, Diplo’s made no beans about his backing of Bernie Sanders. “He went viral the same way hip hop and new dances go viral” - thus Dip had to get involved.


3) DJ culture is a sinking ship, and he stays doing it for the ‘game’

If Diplo thinks that DJ culture is embarrassing, he does a good job of pretending otherwise. His Instagram feed is luxury, ladies and lads but according to Billboard he reckons the “DJ world is full of the corniest fucking people”. Better the devil you know?


4) He’s looking to invest in legal weed

Calling the business models of legal weed dealers “awesome”, Diplo’s steps ahead of other entrepreneurs when it comes to scoping out fresh deal(er)s. A high class hustler, if you will.


5) Pro tip: Sam Hunt is the next Taylor Swift and Diplo’s watching

The country music star is big in the same way Taylor Swift was six years ago. If Diplo - who's dying to work Sam Hunt - is going to be the one to make him cross over, we’re happy to sit back and watch.


6) He slagged off David Guetta for the ‘anarchy’

Accusing Guetta for ripping off ‘Lean On’ loudly and publicly on Twitter was something Dip claimed only to have done for the sake of antagonism. Apparently David Guetta’s only ever been nice to him.



7) Beyonce’s the only artist he’s produced for in the last year

Making beats for other artists no longer has the weight it once had; the revenue isn’t there anymore. Unless that artist is Beyonce, who Diplo is more than happy to work for. “She's one of the only artists who can culminate a body of work so concisely."



8) Justin Bieber gets at him via Twitter only

Diplo supposedly does not have Justin Bieber’s number. He also, fairly patronisingly, describes Bieber’s thirst to “be cool” as a difficulty for the star.



9) India, Pakistan and Cuba have got his special attention

Venturing to countries where most artists never go has reportedly cost more money that its gained, but Diplo’s never shied from creating music from lesser travelled parts of the world.


10) He’s Carpe Diem all over.


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