Trance legend and the original sand man Darude took to Reddit to ask questions from fans.


No surprise that most of the questions directed his way were regarding Sandstorm, the one track most people, regardless of their musical knowledge, would refer to as a banger.


Refresh your knowledge of the track here. 


It ain’t going anywhere. 



Darude took to Reddit to field questions that he probably hoped would be around all of the other music he’s made away from ‘Sandstorm’. Safe to say very few people were interested in talking about anything else. 


These are all of the (mainly) non Sandstorm related questions. Set to the theme of Sandstorm. 



Darude has a need for speed.


“You drag raced them down a straightaway and beat the shit out of their mom's accord.”



Guess what both cars were listening to.





Darude has never actually been in a sandstorm.


He has however been in a “dust devil”, which sounds entirely like a cop out to us.





His dream collaborator is Adele.




“she's got a heavenly voice and she seems to be a crackin funny person to be around.”















He calls getting people to sing along “sampling the crowd”?


“I spice up my sets with some acapellas, drum samples, loops and sometimes I sample the crowd and do a little live track with them then and there.”





Darude endorses people rinsing ‘Sandstorm’.


Q: While drunk one night, I played Sandstorm 5 times in a row at the bar. On the fourth play through, they unplugged the juke box. Was this a dick move on my part, or theirs?

A: Theirs


The whole world has been pronouncing his name wrong.


“Finnish pronunciation of Darude = Dah-ruh-deh.”





Rick Astley Needs to Call Him


On a possible collaboration: “If Mr. Astley is game, I am!”





He used the word ‘absofreakinlutely’


When someone asked for a photo.