The redditors have spoken, find out what they said


If you're the kind of person that comments "cover real music" on our facebook you'll either really, really love or really, really hate the /r/electronicmusic subreddit. It's pretty much the biggest dance music related reddit thread and an endless source of memes, gifs and opinions.

But for us it's the polls and debates that are the most interesting to follow. Late last year redditors already determined which was the worst boiler room of all time, who was the worst electronic act to see live and who was the Best DJ of 2015.

The reddit polls are pretty unique in that they're open to anyone with a reddit account, by their nature they'll only attract the opinions of people with at least a casual interest in dance music and aren't presided over by an organisation which may or may not have an agenda to push.

So in terms of a good understanding of what the general opinion of dance fans are, reddit polls are a pretty good tool. Of course the fact that reddit polls are lesser known that the likes of DJ Mag and RA does tend to skewer the results a little - and it's worth noting that reddit's Top 100 DJs placed even less women in the top spots than both of the former lists (we didn't think that would be possible either).

That said, if you get a big group of dance music fans together and ask them to vote on their favourite album, track, artist, remix etc, it's always going to be worth a look, so without further ado here's a rundown of the results for 2015.


Album of the Year

Our very own Jamie xx stormed ahead in the best album stakes, beating out stiff competition from Madeon, Jack U Galantis and Nero.


Track of the Year

Jamie smashed it again in the Best Track category holding both the first and second place for "Loud Places" and "Gosh" respectively. In Colour has been a regular feature on our office speakers, so we're going to give this our blessing. It's also nice to see that two of the top three tracks at least feature female vocals.


Remix of the Year

Remix of they year goes to Mat Zo for his take on Porter Robinson's "Flicker". A special shoutout here to reddit's sense of humour ranking Deadmau5's parody of "Where Are U Now" sixth best of the year.


Best DJ Mix

It's a tie for best DJ mix of the year between RL Grime's Halloween Mix and Flume's Essential Mix debut.


Best Electronic Music Moment

And best moment in electronic music of 2015? Well we couldn't agree more with reddit on this one. Of course it was We Are Your Friends tanking at the box office and having the third worse opening weekend in Hollywood history.