We're bringing you FIT IN 4, the get quick fit fat busting regime that works your body to its limit. 


Taken from the Ancient Japanese technique, Tabata, FIT IN 4 is a high-intensity interval training programme that puts you through your paces in short, sharp bursts of exertion. 

We've teamed up with Lindsay Jay, who will be your Tabata master and coach for four short work out videos that will see you kick your Christmas weight right back into October 2015. 

However, she's just as aware as we are that a great body is reliant on what you eat, as well as how you exercise- which is why she's kindly put together this one week nutrition plan. 

Perfect for those using January as a way of getting back in shape, follow it to the very last grain and you'll be looking Tabata toned in no time. 



Find out more about FIT IN 4 here, and get the work out sound track here